Student Support Programme


Using a student-centered approach, SSP aims at giving the students more ownership of their learning and helps them to become independent learners. In fact, the SSP brings digital learning to the fingertips of everyone. This mode of e-delivery enables all the students to learn at their own place and pace. They can stop, rewind, forward, and control the pace of the teaching through videos available on this website. They can access it on their computer, tablet, and mobile.

Every student has full control on his/her learning. Moreover, all students can listen to the video and audio files as many times as they want; revise and refresh their memory at any time during the year including during revision time; test their knowledge by practicing the questions; and you can access additional notes, videos, and e-books

As the project develops further, everyone can have access to additional learning materials like self-evaluation tests and exam-type questions. This will not only help learners of all ability groups to master the subject but to have additional support during revision. The lessons will be available freely to all learners throughout the year. In the year 2018, SSP will have materials for Grade 7 only. Materials for Grade 8 and  Grade 9 will be available in 2019 and 2020 respectively.