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Spelling Mistakes | Unit 8 | Lesson 4


MrFAN -- Im from Pakistan. Please upload more videos like this! This video helped me so much. i was making so much mistakes until i saw this video. Thank you!
BAND BAJA -- Watching from india
Areeba Muzaffar -- Thank you so much 🥰💖💖💖
shah rawan -- ہوں،ہو۔ تھی تھے،ارہا ہے،ارہی تھی۔ہے،ہیں پلیز یہ سمجائے۔
nasruddin shaik -- Mashallah,, me teacher hu bhai,, my bhi iss lihaz se,,, kamzor hu
Ali Hamza -- .
Shaikh Moin -- Thank you so much for this amazing I can write urdu without any spelling mistake because of you sir million thanks to you
Pashto Malomati TV -- More video upload plz
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