Student Support Programme


Q. How to find any eresource?

A. Just navigate to eResources menu from the top. This will redirect to a page having Four Filters on the top. Just filter your eresource that you desire. You can follow below steps:
Step 1: From First filter sort your Grade
Step 2: From Second Filter sort your Subject.
Step 3: From Third Filter sort your Chapter/Topic.
Step 4: From Fourth Filter select your Unit.
This will show some eresources as per your filter criteria. Just click on any eresources and it will be playing.

Q. What type of eresources are available on this portal?

A. Currently there are Videos, Documents, Assessment and Additional Resources available on this portal.

Q. Who are the targeted group on this portal?

A. Currently this portal is targeting to the students who are in Grade 7.

Q. How can we contribute our work on this portal?

A. To contribute your work you need to contact us on our email id